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  • Megan glanced out the window and saw Ted laughing at something else Richie said. He also couldn t shake the image of her sitting on the track holding her ankle, with tears welling up in her eyes.
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  • Esther wiped the sides of her mouth with her napkin and put the cloth back on her lap.
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  • That may not mean much to you at this moment, because you are confused and hurting, I know, but it will one day.
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  • The ring has no meaning to me, Megan replied, shoving the wayward strand of her hair back under her bonnet, noting that Richie directed Ted s attention to the two brown horses in front of the wagon.
    Gabriel had come around by the time Lucas had finished with Jason. It wasn t enough for her to love him without caring about what he really was.
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  • I don t think any of the husbands do laundry.
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  • Linda folded her arms across her chest and nodded to tell him I told you so.
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    By now she was so mad that her body trembled.
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  • Celeste was a convenience, but Elsa, is an undeniable need. It had just never occurred to her that Lucas Edwards would show the slightest interest in her.
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